Winter beauty 

In these years living in Scandinavia, I’ve come to appreciate the winter season. There’s something especially peaceful about a pristine blue sky winter day, like today. The crispy air (when not too windy) feels pure and cleansing. I love the sensations brought by a beautiful winter day.

Today, being one of these gorgeous days, my husband and I went for a relaxing walk around our little town and the woods behind our house.


Woods nearby our house.


The stream is full and muddy from all the rain of the past days.


Our street is visible when coming out of the woods.


View of our little town from the lake.


View of the summer royal palace from the lake.


Strolling down surrounded by nature, talking about great memories we hold of the two of us traveling around the world together, made me think of why we chose to live here. It made me feel grateful and fortunate for all the good things we have, a nice home, good jobs that allow us to afford it, plenty of paid vacation days and much more.

We shouldn’t let the hardships of life completely cloud the good things we have going on. I’m trying to be better at this.


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