8.2 mm! I made it! 

Just barely, but enough. Enough to keep pushing forward. All the hormones and tears and trips and running after meds weren’t wasted! Another hurdle cleared, another Intralipid infusion, let’s keep going, keep moving forward.

Tired from a weekend spent driving 1100 km to buy Neupogen in Poland, anxiously hopeful it wouldn’t be for nothing. Drove another 400 km today for a 5 min scan. 

Sitting there, feet up in the air, watching the doctor as he chooses the measurement points: a tiny slip of his finger and it goes from 7.8 to 8.2. How can our fates be decided by such imprecise moves?

‘Just as we like it’ was his final judgment. I’d have preferred it one week earlier, thicker and more defined. But it’s good news, so I must enjoy at least five minutes of glory before letting the next worries settle in. 

Transfer day is set to Tuesday the 13th! Only one blastocyst will be thawed and transferred. 

One chance. Another shot. The most anticipated and medicated so far. 

Breath in and place one foot in front of the other. Forward. 


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