A short summary of our baby pursuit journey so far…


2006: My husband and I meet and start dating, in Grad school in Scandinavia 💘 (neither of us were born here, he’s from another European country and I’m from Latin America).

2010: We get married! 🎊 And get ready to move to China in just a month!

2012: I stop taking birth control pills so we can start trying for a baby soon.

2013: We move back to Scandinavia and are trying naturally for a baby.

  • May: I see an ObGyn to discuss my irregular, long cycles, but all testing comes back normal and he recommends we keep trying.
  • October: I start spotting in (what I believe is) the middle of my cycle. After 10 days of brown and light red spotting I can’t stop worrying that something is wrong, even though the ObGyn dismissed me immediately saying it’s just ovulation spotting. As it wouldn’t stop, I decide to take a pregnancy test and I’m completely shocked when it’s positive!
  • November: After 3 weeks of scans and blood tests every 2-3 days, doctors finally find the pregnancy in my right tube. Surgery on the 29th removes the ectopic pregnancy and my tube. My first loss, I feel heartbroken. 💔

2014: We keep trying naturally for a baby, besides only having one tube left.

  • February: I’m pregnant again! Feel happy but mostly worried, anxious and realise I never really grieved my first baby properly.
  • May: At 10 weeks, doctors finally confirm a missed miscarriage. Baby died around 6w4d. On the 16th I take Cytotec at home to start the miscarriage. Second loss. 💔
  • September: I’m pregnant for the third time!
  • November: At 7 weeks scan, baby is measuring right on track and we see the heartbeat.
  • December: At 10 weeks scan, baby hasn’t grown almost anything from last scan and there’s no heartbeat anymore. Another missed miscarriage diagnosis. I decide for another medical abortion at home, which happens on the 13th. Our third loss. 💔

2015: We start fertility treatments in the hope of getting some answers.

  • January: I ask to be tested for recurrent miscarriage, but I’m told I don’t fit the criteria of 3 miscarriages because the ectopic “doesn’t count”. I’m told it’s all just bad luck and I should just try again, for sure next time will be fine. Not satisfied with this “diagnosis”, I look for another doctor 2h away, who agrees to run some tests. All tests (antibodies, thrombophilia, karotype) come back normal. Doctor suggests we try IVF and put us on the list of public-funded treatment.
  • May: We start our first IVF cycle (short protocol). On day of retrieval doctor realises I’ve already ovulated naturally and only one egg is retrieved. This egg then surprisingly fertilises and grows at normal rate, so we transfer it on day 2, but it doesn’t implant (BFN).
  • August: We start another fresh cycle (short protocol again). This time we retrieve 14 eggs, 12 are mature and 10 fertilise. We transfer the best looking embryo on day 2 and 6 others make to blastocyst stage and are frozen. This embryo implants and we get our forth BFP.
  • September: On the day of first scan, at 7 weeks, only the gestational sac and the yolk sac are visible. No fetal pole is found. Doctor says it stopped growing around 5 weeks. A new scan is schedule for confirmation, but we’re expected to have another medical abortion and another missed miscarriage diagnosis. 💔
  • October: waiting for scan to confirm fetal demise…